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100L Pilot brewing system/homebrew beer equipment
Factory/ Customization
Shipment Time
Around 30 days after order confirmation
Shipping Port
Qingdao Port, China
Standard Export Package suitable for long marine transport

Product Description

This 100L Pilot/homebrew beer equipment is mainly used for pilot/lab, home hobby, small restaurant/bar, etc.

Material: quality stainless steel  304

Welding: 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

Polishing:  inside to 0.4~0.6um/or mirro polishing without dead corner

Heating Method:  Steam heating/Electric heating

Voltage: 1/2/3Phase,  220v/380v/480v,  50hz/60hz;customized


The brewhouse Cart

-Mash/Lauter Tun: 100L

-Brew Kettle/Whirlpool: 100L

-PID controller box

-Heat exchanger

-Wort Pump

-Brewhouse pipelines and Valves


The Fermentation Cart

-Fermentation tanks 100L : 2pcs

-Glycol Water tank 100L: 1pcs

-Chiller System

-Cooling pump

-Cooling pipelines and valves

-PID controller for Fermentation

Beer Brewery Cart 100L
Items Equipments Specifications Quantity
Brewhouse Cart Mash tun & Lautering tun 100L 1
Brew kettle & whirlpool 100L 1
Plate heat exchanger 1
Pump 1M³/H 1
Brewhouse pipelines and Vavles 1
Controller 1
Fermentation Cart Fermentation tank 100L 2/3/4
Glycol Water tank 100L 1
Chiller 0.5HP 1
Glycol pipelines 1
Controller 1


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