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10BBL Beer Brewing Equipment
SUS304(SUS 316/Red Copper)
Heating method
Steam, Electric or Direct Fire Heating
False bottom
5mm thickness and removable
100% TIG welding
0.4-0.6μm/or Mirror polishing

Product Description

10BBL Beer Brewing Equipment

1.Configuration List can be adjustable

2. Tank can be designed according to space

3.Customization can be accetable

Beer Brewery System 10BBL
System Equipments Specifications Quantity
Miller Stainless Steel Malt Miller 300Kg/H 1
Brewhouse  Mash/Lauter Tun 10BBL 1
Brew kettle & whirlpool 10BBL 1
Hot Liquid Tank 10BBL/20BBL 1
Plate Heat Exchanger 12M2 1
Wort Pump 3T/H 1
HLT Pump 3T/H 1
Brewhouse Pipeline and Valves 1
Work Platform 1
Fermentation Fermenters 10BBL 6
Brite Tanks 10BBL
Yeast  Tank 30L 1
Wort oxygenator 1
Cooling Glycol Water Tank 20BBL 1
Chiller 5Hp 2
Glycol Water Pump 3T/H 1
CIP Alkali tank 100L 1
Sterilization tank 100L 1
CIP Pump 3T/H 1
Controller Control box 1
Spare parts Including pipes, valves, gauges….

More Details

I.Malt Miller

  • -Type: double roller, alloy rollers
  • -Rollers distance adjustable
  • -Stainless Steel Frame
  • -Motor: CE/UL Listed
  • Optional:
  • Conveyor


II. Brewhouse

  • Vessels:
  • Regular: MLT+BKW+HLT.
  • Mash/Brew Kettle +Lauter & Whirlpool Tank.
  • Others: Mash, Lauter, Brew, Whirlpool, HLT, CLT.
  • Heating Method:
  • Steam Heating/Electric Heating/ Direct fire/Baine Marie/RIMS/HERMS
  • Specifications:
  • -With 30% Total Volume
  • -Dome top and cone bottom; bottom cone 160 degree
  • -Interior Shell: SUS304, T 3.0mm
  • -Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm
  • -Insulation: PU/Rockwool T 100mm
  • -100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
  • -Interior Finish: 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror Polishing
  • -Top mounted manhole
  • -360° CIP spraying ball
  • -Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor: PT100
  • -MLT with agitator with motor reducer, CE/UL Listed
  • -MLT with side manhole for spent grains
  • -MLT with easy-clean and detachable sparging arm
  • -MLT with easy-clean and detachable false bottom
  • -BKW with tangential inlet for whirlpool function
  • Plate Heat Exchanger (China Top Brand)
  • -2 stages for Glycol water and City water
  • -SUS 304 Plates and frame
  • Wort and HLT Pumps:-CE/UL Listed
  • Oxygenator
  • Brewhouse pipelines and Valves
  • SUS 304 Working Platform
  • Optional:
  • -Grist Case
  • -Wort Buffer Tank
  • -Platform with Sink
  • -Flow meter
  • -Pneumatic Valves
  • -Others


III. Beer Fermenting Vessel/Brites

  • -Total capacity: with 25% headspace
  • -Dome top and cone bottom, bottom cone, (60 degree for BFV)
  • -Interior Shell: SUS304, T 3.0mm;
  • -Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm;
  • -Insulation: PU, T100mm
  • -100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
  • -Interior Finish: to 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror polishing
  • -Cooling Jacket: both on cone and cylinder parts, T 1.5mm
  • -Top mounted manhole/Side manhole
  • -Relief/vacuum valve
  • -Dry hop port
  • -Thermometer
  • -Sample valve
  • -Bung apparatus with pressure gauge
  • -Test Pressure: 0.3Mpa, Working pressure: 0.15-0.2Mpa.
  • -Rotating racking arm on cone with butterfly valve
  • -Drainage with butterfly valve
  • -CIP arm with 360° spraying ball
  • -Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor: PT100
  • Optional:
  • Level Tube
  • CO2 Carbonation Stone
  • Copper Shell
  • Pressurized Hop drop feeder
  • Other requirements
  • Dimension design


IV. Cooling System

  • Glycol water tank
  • -Dome top and cone bottom, bottom cone, 160 degree
  • -Interior Shell: SUS304, T3.0mm;
  • -Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm;
  • -Insulation: PU, T 100mm
  • -100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
  • -Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor: PT100
  • Glycol Chiller (China Top Brand)
  • -Condenser type: Efficient inner fin coil type
  • -Noise level:<61db
  • Glycol Water Pump: CE/UL Listed


V. CIP Cart

  • -Alkali tank
  • -Sterilization tank
  • -Shell: SUS304; T 2mm
  • -Interior Finish: 0.4~0.6μm/Mirror Polishing
  • -Pipelines and valves
  • -CIP Pump: CE/UL Listed
  • -CIP reinforced hose
  • Optional
  • Heating Elements
  • Controller
  • Tank added


VI.Control System

PID Control / PLC Control

  • -Mashing temperature setting
  • -Boiling temperature setting
  • -Lautering temperature
  • -pumps speed controlling by VFD, DANFOSS
  • -Mash agitator speed controlling by VFD, DANFOSS
  • -HLT pump controlling
  • -Fermentation temperature setting
  • -Cooling system Controlling


VII.Other Auxiliary Equipment

  • Water treatment RO System
  • Steam boiler: Electric/ Gas/oil
  • Hop filter tank/Hop tank
  • Kegs
  • Beer keg washing machine
  • Beer keg filling machine
  • Beer bottle filling and capping machine
  • Beer bottling system
  • Beer filter machine



  • What capacity do you need to brew?
  • What kind of heating method do you prefer?
  • What’s the voltage in your site?


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