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Beer kegging machine

Product Description

Beer Keg Filling Machine

Technical Parameters

Dimensions 1200*850*1650mm
Net Weight 150KG
Filling Heads 1/2/3  Stations
Capacity 80-120 kegs/H
Filling  Method Keg topside up
Applicable Kegs Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,  Height 360-600mm
Controller Siemens Controller
 Voltage 220V/380V  50/60HZ(Customized)

Working process:Function and feature
1.With flow meter, can control the filling amount precisely, not affected by the size of the keg.
2.All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. Parameters (time values) can be adjusted and shown through touch screen without stopping the machine.
3. Germany import flow meter, accurate measurement, high precision
4. Two filling stations with separate control systems,can fill kegs with different volume separately.
5. The LCD screen can display filling process synchronously, and also can count the quantity of kegs and the total filling volume.

Fix the keg —Start — Co ₂ pressurization -Filling and counting– stop– Take the keg


Beer Keg Washing Machine

Technical Details

Dimensions 1000*1600*2000mm
Weight 350KG
Power Steam Heating: 2.2KW  Electric Heating: 18KW
Capacity 60-80 kegs/H
Washing Method Invert Washing
Applicable Kegs Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,  Height 360-600mm
Heating Methods Electric Heating or Steam Heating
 Voltage AC 380V  50HZ (customized)

 Function and feature

1.All procedures are controlled by SIEMENS controller. Parameters (time values) can be adjusted
2. Two sets of washing process for customers to choose.
3. Caustic could be used repeatedly to save water.
4. Water tank possess heating function, the temperature can be displayed on screen.
5. With steam sterilization function (user-selectable).
6. three station or four station beer keg washing machine (selectable).

Working process:
Start (pressing) — water washing — Caustic washing –Hot water washing– Hot water washing — Steam sterilization —  CO₂ pressurization – Stop

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