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Home Brew How to Calculate Malt Weight

2020-06-02 by: Eddie From Jinan Rainbow

Home brew how to calculate the malt Weight if get 1000L Wort with density 13 Plato

Malt Weight = Wort Density x Wort Volume/ (Max. Yield x Extract Efficiency )

Extract Efficiency: We take 85% (share next time)

2-RowLager Malt Typical Yield:  Max. 80%

Wheat Malt Typical Yield:  Max. 79%

(Typical Yield of Malts, we can get information from malt supplier,on line or books)

Here we roughly think °Plato is equivalent to Gravity, if we want brew 1000L Wort with density 13 Plato

From the aboving descriptions

we can calcualte the actual malt quantity

Malt Weight = 13% x 1000kg/(80% x 85%) = 191kg;


If 2 type of malt needed. Like wheat beer use Barley 1, 60%; wheat 2, 40%

[(Wort Density x Wort Volume)/ Extract Efficiency] x (Weight Percent1 / Typical Yield 1 + Weight Percent2 / Typical Yield 2 )

Barley Weight = [(13% x 1000kg)/85%] x (60% / 80% + 40% / 79%) = 192kg

Barley Weight 1 = 192kg x 60% = 115kg
Wheat Weight 2 = 192kg x 40% = 77kg

Anyway, brewing is not a science.

We can brew we want, Let’s brew together, and enjoy the gift from God.

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