Mixer Tank,Industrial Tank Agitator,Tank Agitators

Mixer Tank,Industrial Tank Agitator,Tank Agitators

Product Description

Mixer Tank,Industrial Tank Agitator,Tank Agitators

Stainless steel mixing tank is widely used in coating, medicine, building materials, chemical industry, pigment, resin, food and beverage, scientific research and other industries. The equipment can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials according to the process requirements of the product, as well as heating and cooling devices to meet different process and production needs. The heating forms are jacketed electric heating, coil heating, the equipment structure design is reasonable, advanced technology, durable, and has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to use.


Single layer, Double layer and three-layer stainless steel tanks with or without agitator to blend product, with a wide capacity range from 100L to 20,000L , and the tank can be customized according to user requirements.

The mixing tank is composed of the mixing tank body, the mixing tank cover, the agitator, the support, the transmission device, the shaft seal device, etc., and the heating device or the cooling device can also be configured according to the process requirements.

Mixing tank, mixing tank lid, agitator, shaft seal and other selected materials can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to different process requirements. The mixing tank body and the mixing tank cover can be connected by flange sealing or welding. Mixing tank and mixing tank cover can be opened according to the process requirements of feeding, discharging, observation, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, steam fractionation, safety vent and other process pipe holes. The upper part of the mixing tank cover is provided with a transmission device (motor or reducer), which is driven by the transmission shaft to drive the agitator in the mixing tank. The shaft sealing device can be machine seal or packing, labyrinth seal and other forms (according to user needs to determine). Due to the different production process requirements of users, agitators can be configured in slurry, anchor, frame, spiral and other forms. If you have other requirements can contact the factory, design and manufacture separately.


SUS 304/316


From 100L to 20000L


Agitator mixing tank

Agitator Type

Paddles. Frame...



Inner polishing

Food Grade

Heating / Cooling jackets

Coil or Dimple Jackets

Man hole

manhole Depending


As Requirement


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