500L Brewing Equipment

500L Brewing Equipment

Product Description


3 vessel:mash tun, lauter tun, Brew kettle/ whirlpool tank.

2 vesselMash/Lauter tun + Brew kettle/Whirlpool 


Brewhouse with 2/3/4 vessels and hot liquor tank (cold liquor tank), and with the heating method steam, gas direct fire or electric for option.

 Mash lauter tun with rake, plow, scraper inside; hydrator and also grist case for option on top.

• False bottom thickness 5mm, 0.7mm V-shape gaps, divided into pieces making easy taking out.

• Can be designed for high plato brewing.

• Wort collection ring

• Glass type wort grant after lautering

 Boiling kettle/whirlpool with reduced tangential inlet

• Wort outlet with trubs dam

• Manual or Automatic water mixing system

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